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As a partner of the Fall Lax Invitational, SuperFd is offering pre-ordered meal packages for your team. Order by completing the form below, and your meals will be ready on-site for pick-up by your team representative. 

SuperFd Performance Nutrition is the leading meal provider for professional athletes in the NHL, NBA, MLB.  As the official team caterer for the Washington Capitals, SuperFd has provided meals to the most elite level of athlete.  Having served both mens and womens professional lacrosse leagues, SuperFd is excited to provide hot ready to eat meals to participants that sign up for the tournament.  

Feeds 22 Players for $550 per meal service.
All meals are nut free.

Each meal service contains:
10 gluten, dairy and nut-free meals
10 nut-free only meals
2 vegetarian meals (GF, DF, V, NF)

SuperFd Team Order Form

Which day(s) would you like meals prepared?

Thank you! You'll receive contact from SuperFd with next steps!

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